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Jessica Alexander
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Dear Enemy,

The book cover for Dear Enemy,

A woman discovers a hand in the garden, a wrist in the sink, and resigns herself to stand by and watch as her lover reduces herself to an eyeball. DEAR ENEMY, is a collection of twenty-one depraved tales. A dead family strokes their rage while wandering in and out of other family photographs. Another woman wrestles with marital ambivalence as a bear carries her husband off their front porch and into a nearby forest. These stories are haunted by strange, inexplicable, and sinister yearnings. With the terse simplicity of fairy tales, DEAR ENEMY, warps familiar fictional forms and serves a vision as intimate as it is alien.

November 2017

, Subito Press

"This book is outlandish, uncanny, and telling in the best possible ways."

Amina Cain

"DEAR ENEMY announces the arrival of an important new voice on the American innovative writing scene—crazy smart, self-aware, energetic, and impishly irreverent."

Lance Olsen

"With a matchbook of stimulating quirky literary devices, Jessica Alexander is ready with her DEAR ENEMY, to light up our hair, our brain, the striking surface of our ignorant taste on fire.."

Vi Khi Nao

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